Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid: Lessons From Homeowners And Experts

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom?

A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. homeowners revealed that 75% of them regretted some of their decisions about home improvements. According to this study, 69% of respondents feel uncomfortable inviting guests inside their homes because of their aesthetic choices (1).

So it’s essential to get it right! Read on to learn the mistakes to avoid from both experienced homeowners and professionals prepared by Bathroom Remodeling of Winnipeg.

We’ll cover budgeting, planning, quality materials, electrical and plumbing requirements, and lighting.

Get ready to start your project off the right way!

Failing to Set a Realistic Budget

Failing to set a realistic budget can quickly derail your bathroom remodel, so make sure you plan and know all its costs. Start by researching the materials you want to use and how much they cost. Remember to factor in labor costs as well. Also, remember that unexpected expenses will arise during the process, such as if something needs replacing or an extra piece of furniture is required for storage. Knowing what the entire project will cost before beginning and adjusting your budget is essential.

You must also consider how long the project will take and whether you’ll need help or hire professionals for certain remodeling aspects. Remember to consider how long it may take, as this can add up quickly regarding labor costs. If you need more money saved up for everything you want done, consider scaling back until you do instead of going into debt or overspending on other areas.

Not Planning Ahead

Not allowing yourself enough time to plan can lead to costly consequences. Homeowners should take the time to consider the entire scope of their bathroom remodeling project, including how long it will take and what materials are needed. Failing to do so can have significant short-term and long-term implications.

Here are four essential things to keep in mind before starting a bathroom remodel:

  1. Have a clear vision for your project from start to finish so you know what needs to be done.
  2. Research all material costs and labor involved before committing financially.
  3. Get multiple estimates from contractors if you need assistance with any part of the remodel.
  4. Allow yourself plenty of time for unforeseen circumstances or delays that may arise during the construction or installation of new fixtures, materials, appliances, etc.

Planning is essential for home improvement, especially when tackling something as significant as a bathroom renovation project! Doing your research beforehand can save you from making costly mistakes and help you create the perfect space within your desired timeline and budget without compromising quality and functionality!

Skimping on Quality Materials

Skimping on quality materials can have severe repercussions for a bathroom renovation project. Not only could you end up with a less attractive, lower-value result, but it can also affect the performance and lifespan of your new bathroom.

Cheap fixtures and finishes may look fine initially, but they won’t last as long as higher-quality options. You’ll end up replacing them sooner than you’d like, which will add to the cost of your remodel in the long run. Also, using poor-quality materials can lead to costly repairs down the line due to structural issues or damage from wear and tear.

Doing your homework when selecting materials for your bathroom project is essential. Research different manufacturers and compare prices to get top-notch products without breaking the bank. Feel free to splurge on high-end fixtures if they fit within your budget. They’re usually well worth the investment in quality and longevity.

Your local home improvement store can help you find great deals on building materials, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of their expertise.

Ignoring Electrical and Plumbing Requirements

Ignoring electrical and plumbing requirements when renovating a bathroom can have serious consequences. Homeowners must be sure to:

Take time to plan the project

  • Research local codes and regulations for safely installing all electrical components in the bathroom.
  • Have an experienced contractor assess the existing plumbing, wiring, and ventilation before beginning any renovations.
  • Make a detailed budget that includes materials, labor, inspections, permits, and other necessary costs.

Consider safety features

  • Install GFCI outlets near water sources to protect against water-related electrocution.
  • Include non-slip flooring to prevent falls or slips due to wet surfaces.
  • Choose fixtures with temperature control settings to avoid burns from overly hot water.

Keep up with maintenance

  • Check frequently for damage indicators, such as mold development or loose tiles, which could indicate more severe problems.
  • Replace worn-out parts like showerheads or faucets to maintain efficiency and avoid costly repairs later.
  • Perform regular cleanings to prevent the buildup of dirt or debris, which can cause clogs over time.

Underestimating the Power of Lighting

Only underestimating the power of lighting can significantly impact a bathroom’s aesthetic and function. Poorly lit bathrooms need more atmosphere, making them feel dull and uninviting. It would help if you planned out your lighting scheme before you start remodeling, as it affects many other aspects of the project.

Choosing the right fixtures is essential for creating a well-lit bathroom that looks great and is comfortable. For task lighting, such as above mirrors or shower areas, consider using brighter LED lights than halogen bulbs but consume less electricity. A dimmer switch can create different moods, from bright white light for applying makeup or shaving to softer tones for relaxing baths.

Accent lighting adds character to your bathroom, highlighting specific features or sections like shelves or towel racks. Remember natural light too. Adding windows or skylights provides extra illumination during the day, making your bathroom look bigger and more inviting.

Whatever type of lighting you choose, ensure it’s installed correctly by an experienced professional like Bathroom Remodeling of Winnipeg so that it operates safely and efficiently over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a bathroom remodel?

Generally, bathroom remodeling cost depends on the size and scope of your project. You’ll need to consider materials, labor, and any additional services you might need.

How long does it typically take to complete a bathroom remodel?

The average time to complete a bathroom remodel is around 6-8 weeks, though it varies depending on the scope and size of the remodel project.

What is the best way to find reliable contractors for a bathroom remodel?

Start by getting referrals from friends and family, then check online reviews to verify customer satisfaction.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid when remodeling a bathroom?

Not researching enough before starting the remodel is a common mistake. Avoid it by taking time to plan and find reliable contractors.

What design trends are popular in bathroom remodeling?

You’ll likely see natural materials, freestanding tubs, and walk-in showers trending in bathroom remodeling. On average, homeowners spend around $9,000 for a full bath remodel. Make sure your design is both functional and stylish!


You want to avoid these common bathroom remodeling mistakes and ensure your project succeeds. Setting realistic budgets and planning ensures you have the necessary resources to complete the renovation without any financial surprises. Investing in quality materials is also crucial, as it will ensure that your bathroom stands the test of time and doesn’t require constant repairs or replacements.

It’s crucial to follow electrical and plumbing requirements to ensure the safety and functionality of your new bathroom. Hiring a professional like Bathroom Remodeling of Winnipeg to handle these aspects is highly recommended.

Take into account the transformative power of lighting. Properly placed and well-designed lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a bathroom and make it more functional and enjoyable.

These steps create the perfect bathroom for your needs and save time and money in the long run. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Experience the ultimate bathroom transformation with the Bathroom Remodeling of Winnipeg. Our top-tier services guarantee quality, excellence and make sure to create your dream bathroom. Reach out today to inquire, and rest assured; disappointment is not an option!

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