Increase Your Home’s Resale Value With A Bathroom Remodel

Increase Home's Resale Value With A Bathroom Remodel Winnipeg

If you want to increase your home’s resale value, then start with your bathroom remodeling!

You can quickly improve the look and feel of your bathroom while also boosting the overall value of your home.

According to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), bathroom renovations are the most popular type of home improvement. A deluxe bathroom renovation typically costs nearly $65,000, and a moderate bathroom renovation costs just over $20,000. Upscale renovations recover 60.2% of their expenses at resale, whereas medium renovations recover 67.2% (1).

As a bathroom remodeling professional, Bathroom Remodeling of Winnipeg prepared valuable tips, and everything you need for a successful bathroom remodel in no time!

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Planning the details of your bathroom remodel is important in increasing your home’s resale value, so don’t rush it! Start by mapping out a budget for materials and labor. Consider how much time you will dedicate to the project and what kind of return on investment you want.

Ask yourself if any plumbing or electrical modifications need to be made before beginning the work. Consider space constraints and whether you’ll have enough room for fixtures like a bathtub or shower.

Once you’ve settled on a plan, research different styles and color schemes that fit your vision. Look at samples of tiles, cabinetry, paint colors, flooring, lighting fixtures, and other accents to get ideas for what will look best in your bathroom.

When shopping around for supplies, compare prices from different stores and online retailers to find the most cost-effective solution that fits your budget.

Plus, decide who will be doing the installation. You can do some or all of it yourself or hire professionals with experience in bathroom renovations like Bathroom Remodeling of Winnipeg. Proper planning and preparation can create a beautiful new space that increases your home’s resale value!

Selecting the Right Materials

Choosing suitable materials for the job can significantly increase your home’s resale value through a bathroom remodel. Here are three key elements to consider:

  1. Durability: The most durable materials will stand up against wear and tear, as well as moisture and humidity found in bathrooms, so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.
  2. Style: You want the materials you select to fit with your overall design vision, so be sure they coordinate with each other and bring the look together.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Choose materials that maximize your budget while getting quality products that last years.

Be sure to consider any special considerations, such as ventilation or waterproofing, before deciding what materials to use in your bathroom remodel project. Research is vital here – find out what products are available from local vendors or online stores, then compare prices and features before making a purchase decision.

Remember about warranties, too; many manufacturers offer product coverage, so you know you’re covered should something go wrong!

Improving Functionality and Accessibility

Improving the functionality and accessibility of your bathroom can make a big difference in how comfortable it is to use. You’ll want to consider valuable features, such as installing grab bars for safety, widening doorways for easier access, or replacing an old bathtub with a walk-in shower. These improvements will improve your quality of life and increase your home’s resale value.

Adding ADA-compliant features like low-threshold showers, slip-resistant tile floors, and touchless fixtures will make the space more user-friendly and attractive to future buyers. If you have an older home, you may need to update electrical wiring for things like heated flooring or new lighting fixtures. Ensuring changes comply with local building codes to maximize resale value is crucial. It would be best if you also considered methods to optimize storage areas within the bathroom.

Installing built-in shelves or cabinets can provide extra room without taking up too much square footage. A medicine cabinet over the sink is another great way to store small items out of sight while still keeping them close at hand when needed.

Maximizing Storage Solutions

Adding storage solutions to your bathroom can make it more efficient and organized. Expansion shelves and cabinets are great for adding storage space without taking up too much room. With the proper placement, you can maximize the available space in the room without compromising functionality or accessibility.

Here are a few ways to add storage in your remodel:

Increase Visible Storage Space

  • Use floor-to-ceiling shelving for smaller items that don’t require immediate access, such as towels and toiletries.
  • Install open shelving above sinks or toilets for easy reach of commonly used things like soaps and tissues.

Maximize Vertical Space

  • Hang hooks on walls for bathrobes or extra towels.
  • Add vanities with built-in drawers to store away personal care items or linens.

Creating a place for everything will help keep your bathroom tidy while creating an atmosphere of visual calmness and comfort that buyers will appreciate when they look at your home. A well-thought-out use of storage solutions can boost resale value!

Adding Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can impact the appearance and ambiance of your bathroom.

Installing new fixtures like towel racks, toilet paper holders, and bath mats can add more elegance to the room.

Consider going for a sleek, modern look with chrome or brushed nickel hardware.

Adding stylish curtains or window treatments will also help give the space an inviting atmosphere.

You could even incorporate decorative tile accents into the wall around your vanity or shower area to further spruce it up.

If you’re feeling bold, try painting the walls bright to create a standout feature. Just make sure your selection complements your bathroom’s general design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important considerations for a successful bathroom remodel?

When remodeling a bathroom, consider the size of the space, functionality, materials used, and desired style. Prioritize quality over quantity and guarantee your renovation enhances your home’s resale value.

Are there any cost-saving measures I should consider when remodeling my bathroom?

Consider cost-saving measures when remodeling your bathroom. Think about using existing plumbing and fixtures rather than purchasing new ones. You could also reduce costs by doing work yourself or sourcing secondhand materials.

What is the most efficient way to complete a bathroom remodel?

Planning is key! Break down the project into small, achievable steps and prioritize what needs to be done first. Get organized and take time for an efficient bathroom remodel that will make you proud.

How long will it take to complete a bathroom remodel?

The duration required to finish a bathroom remodeling project can differ but usually spans a few days to a few weeks.


You’ve made the wise investment to increase your home’s resale value with a bathroom remodel.

Now, you can unwind, rest, and enjoy the comfort of your elegant new bathroom space.

You’ll be sure to impress any potential buyers with its modern design and top-notch amenities – and you won’t have to do a thing!

Just one more way that cleverly utilizing satire can make all the difference when it comes to home improvement.

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