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Does your bathroom need a fresh look? It could be the old tiles or worn-out flooring that’s been bothering you. The good news is, that renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. In fact, it can be an exciting project that not only improves the look but also the practicality of your space. The flooring and tiles in your bathroom play a big role in defining its style and atmosphere. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek vibe or a cozy and traditional feel, the choice of materials, colors, and patterns can create a unique ambiance that matches your preferences. But beyond just the looks, bathroom flooring and tiles need to be tough and long-lasting. They have to withstand moisture, and heavy use, and provide a non-slip surface for safety.


The bathroom is one of the hardest working parts of any home. Styles change and technology evolves. Over the years, the fixtures and fittings start to show their age. If you’re tired of looking at pink tiles, a blue toilet, or a worn-out vanity, a bathroom renovation can transform your space and provide a considerable return on investment. 

Leave Bathroom Tile and Flooring Installation to the Pros

Getting professional bathroom remodelers in Winnipeg to handle your bathroom flooring and tiles services is a smart move, and here’s why. We know exactly what they’re doing, so your bathroom makeover will turn out great. Plus, you won’t have to stress about it or spend too much time on it. We make sure everything is done well, so you won’t run into problems later. We also prepare the surface properly, so your bathroom stays in good shape for a long time. We have access to lots of different materials and choices, so you can pick what you like without breaking the bank. And we follow all the rules and safety guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about anything being wrong. In the end, your bathroom will look amazing and work well too.

There are strong reasons why it’s a good idea to let professionals handle your bathroom tile and flooring services:

Skilled Know-How:

Experts have the skills and precision needed for the job.

Save Time and Reduce Stress:

It saves you time and avoids the stress of handling it yourself.

Guaranteed Quality:

You can count on top-notch quality with professionals.

Thorough Preparation:

They ensure everything is properly prepared for a long-lasting result.

Access to Materials:

Professionals have access to a variety of materials and resources.

Follow Rules and Codes:

They know and follow all the rules and regulations.

Enhanced Beauty:

Professionals can make your bathroom look even more beautiful.

bathroom tiles and flooring winnipeg

When you renovate your bathroom, it can make a big difference in how useful it is and how much your home is worth. We have skilled bathroom tile and flooring experts who can upgrade your half or full bath, change old tiles, and put in nice soaking tubs and quality showers. We’re really good at using granite, marble, and travertine for tiles and countertops, and we also offer American-made bathroom vanities. Plus, we back all our services with a guarantee of top quality. For more information about our services and to explore how we can transform your bathroom, visit us now.

Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Bathroom Tile and Flooring Services

If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation for your home in the Winnipeg area, you’re likely pondering which type of tile would be most suitable. Questions such as whether to use the same tile for both the floor and shower, the preference between ceramic and porcelain for shower floors, and the choice of the most durable bathroom tile may be swirling in your mind. These inquiries are instrumental in preventing errors and gaining a deeper comprehension of bathroom tiles. Our mission is to provide you with answers to these questions and kickstart the process of creating the bathroom you’ve always envisioned.

Bathroom tiles come in an extensive array of materials, encompassing various shapes, styles, colors, and textures. In modern bathrooms, you’ll encounter tiles crafted from a multitude of materials, including plastic, cork, vinyl, stone, ceramic, and porcelain. Before settling on a particular material, it’s important to contemplate the desired aesthetics of your Winnipeg bathroom remodel and your budgetary considerations.

During the planning phase, giving due consideration to texture is paramount. When deliberating on the optimal tile for a bathroom floor, it’s crucial to assess the slip coefficient, which gauges how slippery the tile becomes when wet. Opting for tiles that pose a low risk of slipping is essential to ensure safety on both your bathroom floors and in the shower.

Now, let’s delve into tiles made from specific materials, providing you with insights to aid in determining the most suitable choice for your Winnipeg bathroom renovation. We offer a complete range of bathroom redesign and installation services that can take your home to the next level.

Tile and Flooring Materials

Now, let’s explore the materials you can choose for your bathroom flooring and tiles:

Ceramic Tiles: Sturdy and Easy to Maintain

Ceramic tiles are known for their strength and ease of upkeep. With various styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, they offer versatility for bathroom design.

Porcelain Tiles: Water-resistant and Stylish

Porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water and offer a wide array of designs, including wood and stone appearances. They provide both practicality and style for your bathroom.

Natural Stone: Timeless Beauty

Natural stones like marble, granite, and travertine bring an enduring elegance to your bathroom. While they add a luxurious touch, it’s important to note that they require more maintenance to prevent staining.

Tile Floor Installation and Repair Services

Properly installing tile flooring is essential to prevent water and structural damage, ensuring a long-lasting floor. We ensure the foundation is solid before laying the first tile. Once the tile is in place and the mortar has been set, we apply grout to secure the tiles. Since grout needs time to cure, we return to apply a sealant, preventing stains and water from seeping in.

Our skilled tile installers are experts in working with various types of flooring, including laminate, ceramic, slate, cork, porcelain, and marble tile. While tile flooring may be more challenging to repair compared to other options, its beauty, functionality, and durability make it an attractive choice for many homeowners. Whether you’re considering new tile installation or need repairs for your existing tile, your local Bathroom Remodelers of Winnipeg possesses the experience, tools, and expertise to ensure the job is done right!

Other Installation Services: 

  • Shower door installation
  • Toilet Installation
  • Vanity Installation
  • Flooring Installation
  • Countertop Installation
  • Backsplash Installation
  • Sink Installation
Interiors of the Modern Bathroom

Our Bathroom Tile Services

Professional Installation: Our highly skilled craftsmen will expertly install your chosen tiles with precision and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting finish.

Extensive Tile Selection: Explore a wide variety of tile materials, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and more. We offer an array of styles, sizes, and patterns to match your personal preferences.

Customization: Add a personal touch to your bathroom with a unique tile design. From intricate mosaic accents to spacious large-format tiles, the possibilities are limitless.

Bathroom Tile Installation

To ensure the durability and functionality of your bathroom tiles, proper installation is essential. Here’s a closer look at the installation steps:

Surface Preparation: Before tile installation, thorough surface preparation is crucial. This involves ensuring the subfloor is level and free from any debris or imperfections.

Underlayment: Installing an underlayment is a critical step for tile floors. It provides stability and helps prevent cracks and shifting over time.

Tile Adhesive and Grout: Choosing the appropriate adhesive and grout is vital for a secure and aesthetically pleasing tile installation. These materials bond the tiles to the underlayment and fill the gaps between them.

Why Choose Bathroom Remodelers of Winnipeg?

If you’re looking to make impactful updates that make the most of your budget, consider having our bathroom remodeling team install brand-new bathroom fixtures and hardware. Upgraded faucets, a customized vanity, or a water-efficient toilet can not only give your bathroom a fresh appearance but also enhance its functionality, making your home more efficient.

While Bathroom Remodelers of Winnipeg is known for cabinets, countertops, and home makeovers, we also team up with trusted plumbers and electricians who meet our strict quality standards. These extra services are especially handy for bathroom remodeling projects that need better lighting or changes to plumbing and supply lines for a new layout. Our complete team can handle everything to ensure your renovation stays on track and doesn’t break the bank.

Here are compelling reasons why you should entrust your bathroom renovation to our expert team:

Local Knowledge and Care: We’ve been part of the Winnipeg community for a long time, and we truly get what people in River Heights, Riverdale, and Tindale Park want. We’re not just a renovation company; we’re your neighbors, and we’re proud to offer services that match the local style and way of life.

Skilled and Caring Team: At Bathroom Remodelers of Winnipeg, our team is made up of talented designers and certified craftsmen who love what they do. We’re all about doing a fantastic job on every part of your project, making sure your bathroom’s tiles and flooring aren’t just put in but turned into a beautiful piece of art.

Lots of Choices: We believe having lots of options is really important. That’s why we offer a wide variety of materials for your bathroom tiles and flooring. Whether you like the classic look of natural stone, the toughness of porcelain, or the budget-friendliness of vinyl, we have tons of choices so you can find what’s perfect for your style and budget.


When you choose Bathroom Remodelers of Winnipeg for your tile and flooring needs, you’re not just choosing a renovation company; you’re picking a partner who’ll turn your bathroom into a gorgeous and useful space. With our local knowledge, skilled team, modern technology, and commitment to making you happy, you can start your bathroom renovation knowing you’re in good hands.

Our location is right in the heart of the Tindale Park, River Heights, Revindale area, making it easy to come in for consultations, questions, and project planning. You won’t have to go far to get the personal attention and help you need. Get in touch with us to set up a free consultation.

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